Saturday, October 18, 2008


And of course the game last night was...well, fuck, thing is it wasn't even a bad game. The Sharks played maybe the best I've seen them play this year, and Anaheim was mediocre, and they still won 4-0! Oh well--SJ won the first 4 of the season and it had to end sometime. Anaheim just pisses me off. Hopefully they trounce Philly tonight.

Saw Lynn briefly today which is always a wonder, and to other people would probably be like finding a rare species of self-replicating mammalian double-headed monkey-owls (body of a monkey, head of an owl, duh) since we have this ability to just KNOW. I love her so much. I hate that for me to have someone to cling to that knows what I'm going through means she has to suffer so much so constantly, but having her and knowing her has saved my life.

Hockey thus far has been my biggest respite, aside from the few friends who're still around, or new and willing to tolerate my meness. There were so many fights in last night's game it was like a boxing match on ice; good ol' Jody Shelley. Stacks of film noir waiting for me. Time, enemy mine.

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